Welcome to the Fundtech Cash Management User Group! 
The purpose of our organization is to:   

Mutually exchange software and hardware knowledge and information of a general nature, including generic cash management processing procedures such as contingency plans, while respecting trade secrets.

Evaluate and vote on software enhancement requests distributed by Fundtech on an annual basis.

Present suggestions and/or issues to Fundtech for resolution, representing the User Group as a whole.

Invite and solicit participation from Fundtech or other related vendor representatives when required or requested by members.

Coordinate training sessions as needed.

Create category subcommittees as needed in specialized areas.
The User Group board is very active and works to represent the overall user group as a unified voice with the Fundtech product management team.  Member banks are asked to submit system user enhancements, which are reviewed with the user group board and Fundtech product management on a monthly basis and then presented to the user group annually for voting.  The resulting list is the annual Top Ten list of enhancements to be incorporated into the product road map.  Fundtech management recognizes the importance of the User Group and our partnership with them. We continue to see progress each year. Your participation in our User Group is very important and we are certain you will recognize its value.

We look forward to building a strong relationship in working with you and your institution. 


The Fundtech Cash Management User Group Board

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